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Getting rid of dark underarms

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Don’t we all get conscious when wearing a sleeveless dress, ladies? The majority of us have a constant concern about developing dark underarms, which makes us feel conscious about our bodies and eventually makes us feel incredibly insecure when wearing a sleeveless dress. Because of our dark underarms, we can't just stop wearing what we love, am I right? We can certainly get rid of darker underarms rather than discarding the clothes.

We must first understand what causes dark underarms before we can treat them. We women frequently worry about our hygiene to the point that we use any hair-removing solution to remove hair from our underarms to prevent them from smelling. The fact that these treatments really include specific chemicals that gradually darken our underarms is something we often ignore. And now you'll say, "Okay, I won't use that product, but what about using a razor?" This is when you'll realize you're mistaken once more. Although they appear to be time-friendly, simple, and chemical-free, razors still leave you with dark underarms. 

  • Exfoliating
    We just won't take care of them despite wanting to have appealing underarms.  Exfoliating your underarms is equally as essential as exfoliating your face. Although you don't have to do it often, 2-3 times a week should be sufficient.
  • Moisturizing
    Regularly applying moisturizer to your underarms helps to protect and soothe your skin. 
  • Avoid Shaving
    Using a razor can actually irritate your skin and cause razor burns or ingrown hairs. 
  • Don’t smoke
    Smoking increases the amount of melanin in our skin, which in turn promotes hyperpigmentation.
  • Laser Therapy
    Whatever method you choose to use to get rid of the hair on your underarms, you'll eventually have to do it frequently because there is no long-term fix. However, laser treatment can provide you with a long-lasting option for getting rid of dark skin and underarm hair.
  • Natural Remedies
    Even if nothing works, there are numerous natural remedies you can try to lighten your underarms. We'll have another post on these natural cures, what they are, and how to apply them. These work quite well and have no negative side effects. Everyone wants to have skin that is beautiful and flawless. Nurturing your skin is quite normal; if you love and care for something, it will undoubtedly return the favor. Take baby measures to lighten your underarms so you can wear whatever you want, so don't be reluctant to work on them. Shower some love on your underarms; a process to lighten them takes time.
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Beauty essentials everyone must have in their collection

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When we say "beauty essentials," we don't necessarily mean that you need to pack a big bag with every other makeup item you regularly use. Instead, beauty essentials are specific items that you always bring with you and are highly beneficial. It often comprises a few minor things that you might require whether you're going to a party, lunch, college, the office, or somewhere similar. And the necessities may change depending on where you're going or just your everyday needs.

  • Lipstick
    My goodness, how could someone forget lipstick, which is literally a lifesaver at any other event, lunch, or regular office hours? A lady must have her lipstick. You might as well just lick your lipstick off your lips and then wonder, "Oh sh*t, what do I do now," or you might simply get a smudge then you might need your lipstick eventually. Furthermore, lipstick is actually the most essential item because it is the only thing that may save us when we are in a rush. 
  • Face wash
    A face wash is a product that can be used for a variety of purposes. We can feel immediate relaxation after a long day if we only wash our faces. Surprisingly, you may use a face wash as a hand wash as well as a body wash in an emergency. 
  • Dry shampoo
    Oh, you heard me right—dry shampoo it is. When you suddenly realize that you have a party or a meeting to attend but have no time to wash, blow dry, and style your hair while still having to deal with greasy oil, dry shampoo comes into play and really works like a miracle.
  • Lip balm
    We all require lip balms all year round, regardless of whether it is winter or summer. Some people lick or simply chew the outer layer of their lips, which causes their lips to become dry and rough. So, if you keep one around and add it to your collection of beauty essentials, lip balm will always be beneficial.
  • Perfume
    A nice deodorant or perfume always gives you that tinge of boosted confidence. Aside from that, it is a positive sign of good hygiene and actually aids in eliminating body odor from perspiration. You never know when you might need a deodorant or perfume, so keeping one on hand is always a good idea.
  • Moisturizer
    When you're just relaxing at home or getting ready to go out, moisturizer is one of the things that are essential. The most basic item used for makeup or for simple hydration while at home is moisturizer. Every time we experience dry, flaky skin or even just to keep our skin hydrated, we use a moisturizer.
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Makeup tutorial for beginners

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Don't we all desire that the little makeup look, just enough to make us look interesting? Natural beauty is nice and all, but you can't go everywhere with a bare face. You don't have to go all the way, but if you're just starting off, you may easily follow a beginner's makeup guide. It would be quite a tiresome process for all types of products and apply it effortlessly especially when you are a beginner. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here, you can learn some of the basic goods and methods that you may use as a beginner.

  1. Prior Makeup
    The prep that comes before applying makeup is just as vital as the actual application process. The first thing you need is a clean face, so wash it. Then you must use a moisturizer that can treat your dry regions. You can use a gel-based moisturizer if you have oily skin instead of worrying that it would make your skin oilier. And wait five minutes after applying the moisturizer for your skin to absorb it entirely.
  2. Primer
    When discussing simple and beginning makeup tutorials, the first step that most people consider to be essential is applying foundation. However, we frequently overlook the fact that wearing foundation first would cause our makeup to fade quickly. So what exactly is that secret ingredient that keeps our makeup intact for so long? A primer, that is. Contrary to popular belief, this has advantages that most people ignore. It reduces acne scars or blemishes, and what's even better is that oily skinned people can use it before applying foundation.
  3. Foundation
    Now we get to the primary and well-known element, the foundation. Depending on the tone of your skin, choose a foundation. Just as its name suggests, a foundation serves as the foundation for your makeup look. 
  4. Concealer
    There isn't a mark or dark spot on the face that a concealer can't help cover up. The literal definition of a concealer is "a magic element that works marvels to hide any kind of spot." And don't just rub it rather just dab it in the places where it needs to work its a miracle. 
  5. Set it all
    Here, a compact or setting powder can be used to help set the makeup altogether. Your face seems matte and somewhat natural thanks to the compact. It also serves as a sort of sweat-proofing agent. You must have noticed women always carrying compacts because they can be a savior.
  6. Eyeshadow
    As you've probably heard, it's true that "eyes speak a thousand words." Your choice of eyeshadow speaks volumes about you. Even for a party or a regular college day, you can wear eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is a timeless beauty accessory.
  7. Eyeliner & Mascara
    You can decide whether to create a dramatic wing or simply make a normal line. Finally, after using eyeliner, you can use mascara to give your lashes a chic appearance.
  1. Blush
    People typically view blush as a risky makeup ingredient since we occasionally are unsure of how much or in what direction we should apply it. When applying blush, bear in mind that if you use too much, you can end up looking like a clown. Apply only to the highest points of your cheeks, and you should be alright.
  2. Lipstick 
    Pick a lip color that you like. And although lipstick won't fix your problems, it can be the first step in them, as the saying goes. So put on some lipstick and take over the world.
    Everybody is, in fact, gorgeous in their own skin and is beautiful in every aspect, but you can look even more beautiful if you use suitable makeup. A nd tell me someone who does not desire to be the prettiest?
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daily skincare routine

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Simply just blaming it on how we were born if our skin starts to deteriorate is just not fair. We shouldn't solely put the blame on our DNA without even taking care of it. Just as a plant needs frequent watering, sunlight, and essential nutrients to thrive, so does our skin require a daily skincare routine. We all go outside on a daily basis, whether it's for work or school or in general, and if you don't have a good skincare routine, your skin will eventually start to deteriorate. Tell me, do you want to ruin your skin's most beautiful natural features?

Additionally, while discussing a regular skincare routine, it's not necessary to have a wide range of items on hand. A healthy daily skincare routine only requires a few key aspects. According to well-known dermatologist Ashley Magovern, we just need three fundamental steps to set up a daily skincare routine, regardless of our skin type, skin color, or skin texture: cleansing, treating, and moisturizing. 

As we all know, cleansing involves washing your face and getting rid of all the dirt on your skin. And we are also aware of the moisturizing part. By using a moisturizer, we can both hydrate and protect our skin. We need to understand what the treatment component of a daily skincare routine actually does. By treating your skin, we mean that it must recover from the deficient areas. For instance, if someone has sensitive skin, acne, black spots, or other skin conditions, it will act particularly well on these regions. 

  • Cleansing
    Since our faces are constantly exposed to pollutants and become clogged with dirt and other debris, cleansing your face on a regular basis is very important. We should wash our faces twice a day, preferably right after waking up and right before bed.

    In the morning, simply cleaning your face with water would be sufficient, but at night, use a face wash before bed as dry skin seems to be something we usually experience during the winter.
  • Treating
    After washing your face, it's best to use a toner. You could choose to skip using it, but using it will benefit you more because it will freshen your skin, get rid of any remaining particles, and balance your PH.

    Never underestimate a serum's potential. I repeat NEVER. Serums really do work on wrinkles and fine lines by boosting your collagen.
  • Moisturizing
    A moisturizer is effective for both people with extremely dry skin and those with oily skin. It promotes skin hydration, covers skin blemishes, softens skin, and increases skin elasticity. We can actually use it all year long, whether it's summer, winter, or another season.

Well, as a matter of fact, we cannot get glowing and healthy skin in just a day, we've to give it some time. Just go for it instead of sitting around and wishing for great skin. C’mon let's get a great daily skincare routine and quit the filter.

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why SPF is your holy grail?

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Still experiencing skin discoloration, pigmentation, and spots over the winter and wondering why your regular moisturizer isn't helping? Because we have always believed that if anything were to happen to our skin during the winter, it would be because of how dry it is, and a lotion or moisturizer would take care of everything. Oh yes, you forgot your sunscreen. 

Many believe that SPF is only necessary during the summer. However, we must understand that SPF is something we require year-round, even in the cold. When we go outside during the day, SPF serves as a protection for us. It literally shields us from sunburns and other heat hazards. To put it broadly, SPF shields us from sunburns while also maintaining the moisture and hydration of our skin and preventing chapped skin. 

Well, speaking of SPF, I'm sure that all of you have some questions about it. It's okay, though, because I too once had a lot of them. So, the most frequent query we all encountered while learning about the wonders of SPF and why it's our holy grail is when we should start using sunscreen. And the response is that a newborn can wear sunscreen, but only after six months, as the first six months after a baby is born are a very vulnerable time and the skin of babies is rather sensitive, so we shouldn't take any chances.

In terms of beauty, sunscreen is the pinnacle of adulthood. Since it contributes to anti-aging as well. In fact, it has been found that those who use sunscreen daily are more likely to notice the effects of anti-aging. One study claims that regular sunscreen users are more likely to have 24% less skin aging than those who only use it occasionally. The Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of this study. 

We are all aware that the two types of UV rays that often have an impact on us are UVA and UVB rays. And these rays cause skin aging, wrinkles, and with continued exposure, sunburns and even skin cancer. E. Victor Ross, claims that “in addition to producing normal cells, our skin also has the capacity to produce abnormal cells, which have the capacity to develop into cancerous cells. Our body's immune system responds by battling them and eliminating them, but exposure to the sun lowers our ability to defend against those abnormal cells. Consequently, those cells multiply and cause skin cancer.”

Now that we understand why SPF is our holy grail and how it benefits us, we recommend you always wear sunscreen when leaving the house because, like water, it is your best buddy.


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winter hair care

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Winter not only brings a fully festive mood but also damaged hair. As much as some people enjoy going out to parties, hosting get-togethers at home, or doing absolutely anything to get into the holiday spirit, on the other hand, some people suffer hair problems that undoubtedly lower their spirits. Our hair suffers from winter's effects just as much as our skin does. Our hair is actually affected by the chilly air and environment, so we must start caring for it if we want to keep it healthy. Dandruff, hair loss, and dryness are the most frequent problems we experience. You all need to take care of it and adhere to a healthy routine in order to maintain the shine and health of your hair. 

  • No daily hair wash 
    As we all know, in order to compensate for the dryness of winter, our bodies produce natural oil. But some people regularly wash their hair, which makes it impossible for our bodies to have the natural oil needed to maintain the shine and health of our hair. Avoid over-washing your hair and do it while keeping an eye on the state of your hair because we need those natural oils. 
  • Nutrients and Water
    Never cut back on your daily water intake, regardless of how cold it is outside. Water is incredibly crucial. You should drink plenty of water and add dry fruits and seeds to your diet to boost your nutrition level because internal wellness should come first.
  • No hot water shower
    Well, you can't really take a shower in cold water when it's freezing outdoors, but you also shouldn't use hot water either. It is much more convenient to use lukewarm water for showering since using hot water would remove the natural oils from your scalp. 
  • Oiling and Massaging
    You need to regularly oil your hair, ideally twice a week, to keep the moisture in your hair. Gently massaging your hair greatly aids in blood circulation and encourages healthy hair. 
  • No stepping out with wet hair
    People usually prefer air drying their hair over blow drying it, but during the winter, we should choose blow drying rather than leaving the house with wet hair. Wet hair is veritably fragile and breaks easily. 
    According to Dr. Apoorva Shah, “If you leave your hair wet for too long during the winter, it will freeze due to the chilly breezes and snow (if you live in a snowy region). The outcome is that the hair shaft expands and becomes extremely fragile. If you have colored hair, not drying it completely can cause the color to fade more quickly.”
  • Covering your hair
    Always remember to wear a hat, scarf, or any other covering when leaving the house in the winter so that your hair isn't exposed to the weather. Because a cold breeze or snow may cause your hair to become drier. 

When winter comes around, your hair loses moisture quickly. You should be able to flaunt smooth, lustrous, and healthy hair with the help of the winter hair care suggestions listed above. Because girls just want to have fun, and when there is a festive atmosphere all around, who would want to have a bad hair day? 


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Home remedies for pimples


Despite the fact that we all acknowledge our own true beauty and charisma, we often resent the new imperfections that occasionally show up on our faces. Don't we all get annoyed and worried when we see a tiny bump on our face, so now think about those who have pimples. Imagine for a moment what it would be like for those with the pimple problem to wake up to a new pimple. Annoying? Frustrating? Sad? 

Although it is true, we typically know for a fact that people with oily skin do get pimples quite often. Some of us develop pimples in that area when our sebaceous glands produce too much oil. It's not uncommon to observe pimples in girls who are about to start their period. Stress, hormonal fluctuations, and inflammation are three other significant causes of pimples. 

As soon as we see a pimple, our first instinct is usually that we need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. However, in our haste, we frequently neglect to look for the underlying cause. Some of us just head directly to the dermatologist and start our prescriptions, and it might just work well for them as well, but occasionally, if you thoroughly look into the situation, you might find that you can just get rid of it by simple home remedies as well. 

Some of the effective home remedies for pimples are listed here.

  • Honey & Cinnamon Face mask

            Honey + Cinnamon powder


  • Turmeric & Honey Face Mask


            Turmeric powder + Honey


  • Apple Cider Vinegar


            Apple cider vinegar + Water 


  • Cucumber Face Mask 
    Cucumber water + Sugar 



  • Lemon Juice


            Lemon juice + Rosewater 


  • Aloe vera Gel


            Aloe vera gel 


  • Gram Flour Face Pack 


            Gram flour + Water 


  • Tea Tree Oil


            Tea tree oil + Water 


  • Green Tea 


            Make green tea then apply it 


  • Yogurt & Yeast Face Mask


            Yogurt + Yeast 


  • Coconut oil


            Virgin Coconut oil


These are a few simple remedies that are both conveniently available at home and very effective. Treat those annoying pimples so they don't reappear. Kick’em out.



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myths about skincare

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Do you also believe that there is a certain right cream out there somewhere that will make you look younger, would make your scars go away, and would basically work wonders on your skin? Truth be told, it is entirely impossible, and if you do think—especially in relation to this cream—that some things would work perfectly on the exterior, you might be mistaken.

To be really honest, don't most of us desire to seem perfect? Despite the fact that we all agree that we are attractive in our natural state, we all strive to appear our best whenever we have the chance. And when I say "better," I don't necessarily imply that you should use cosmetics or other artificial treatments; rather, you should focus on taking good care of your skin.

Especially when it comes to skincare, there are many solutions, cures, and advice that are available online or from friends. We start using these tips and then wonder why they aren't working. Little do we realize that most of these suggestions are myths, just as some of us think a miracle cream will keep us out of problems. Along with some miraculous tips, there are other myths that we blindly believe and then worry about when we don't see the desired results. 

  • You will get pimples if you do not wash your face
    According to dermatologist Dr. Peterson Pierre, it can be shown that poor hygiene can have some effect on your acne condition, although hygiene is not the main cause of pimples.
  • Exfoliating on a daily basis is necessary if you go out regularly
    We all know how beneficial exfoliation is for us, but we are unaware of the risks of excessive exfoliation, whether you spend most of your time indoors or outdoors. 
  • Tanning is good and Tanning is bad
    People with fair skin do think that tanning is beneficial, thus they feel the need to do it. Tanning is beneficial because it actually makes up for the lack of vitamin D in your body. Having a slightly darker glow is not a bad thing, but overexposing to the sun without sunscreen would have adverse effects.
  • Makeup makes your skin looks old
    Well, not necessarily, and it entirely depends on what you're using. And according to other studies, some people may benefit from makeup if they use it properly and adhere to certain basic foundations, such as learning when and how to use different products and making sure to remove their makeup before going to bed.
  • If you have oily skin then you do not need a moisturizer
    The biggest myth of them all, without a doubt. Regardless of the type of skin you have, you undoubtedly need a moisturizer. And while you can use various gel-based moisturizers or something else if you have oily skin, you shouldn't really stop using moisturizers altogether.
  • Sunscreen is only for summers
    Actually, we only purchase sunscreen in the summer, but somewhat we don't realize that sunscreen is essential regardless of the weather. Apply sunscreen even if it's not sunny outside because UV rays can easily pass through clouds.

We frequently have the belief that no matter how painful or uncomfortable something is, it will eventually work. What would most people do, for instance, if they heard that a certain product was beneficial for their dry skin but when they applied it to their face, the skin began to burn? We would just keep it on because, in our opinion, skincare is a tedious process, and if we don't go through any discomfort, we won't get anything either. But that is definitely absurd; you fool, wash your face if it starts to sting.

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Perks of manicures and pedicures

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Putting extra effort into your hands and feet—is it really necessary? Can't we just wash it off and moisturize it to fix it? Why is it necessary to visit a salon or perform proper pedicures and manicures at home? Why devote so much time and effort to manicures and pedicures? When addressing the topic of manicures and pedicures, we quite often see the aforementioned questions. 

Manicures and pedicures are frequently taken for granted. Honestly, though, these aren't that big of a deal and are actually relatively simple to carry out. Unless and until we notice our cracked heels, we won't bother soaking our feet in lukewarm water and treating it later. We never take care of our feet and hands in advance to ensure that it doesn't become worse; instead, we always wait until it seems to have gotten worse before we exert effort into them. 

  • Healthy Nails
    Most of us believe that the best way to make our hands look great is to simply shape our nails and add fresh colors, but we have no idea that this won't be enough in the long run. Likewise, healthy skin cell growth—which can only occur with routine pedicures and manicures—allows us to have strong, healthy nails. Because routine manicures and pedicures ensure the appropriate elimination of dead skin cells, thus promoting the formation of new skin cells.
  • Reduced Back Pain
    You might well be wondering, "How is this even possible?" Our entire body weight is supported by our two feet, which is why we get calluses and experience lower back pain. So when you have a pedicure, your feet are exfoliated, pleasantly massaged, and moisturized. Therefore, getting a pedicure will not only make your feet seem nicer but will also level out the surface of your feet, helping you to distribute your weight more evenly and ultimately reducing back pain.
  • Soft and Smooth Skin
    Being frequently in contact with the outside, our hands and feet tend to pick up the most dirt and bacteria. We don't consistently take good care of our hands and feet on a regular basis, which makes us susceptible to infections, cracked feet, and other problems. Manicures and pedicures help you have soft, smooth skin and avoid infections. Your hands and feet will glow, the dryness will be reduced, and true health will restore.
  • Enhances Mental Health
    How would you feel if someone gave you a simple back massage after a long day? Incredible, no? That massage lefts us feeling as though we had just experienced nirvana. So picture yourself resting with your feet in warm water as someone else or yourself doing massages on your hands and feet while you sit there with your eyes closed and a drink in your hand. It works wonders for relieving tension, easing up our anxiety, boosting our confidence, promoting relaxation, and allowing us to spend some sweet alone time.
  • Boosting Blood Circulation
    Manicures and pedicures involve getting proper massages from experts who specialize in those massages. These massages promote healthy blood flow throughout our bodies, which has a positive impact on a number of areas including pain management, joint mobility, and the distribution of body heat during the winter.

Not only is acquiring perfect nails a new trend and a desire for women, but we often forget that they need constant care. Don't expect that applying new nail polish and doing up your nails will fix all of your concerns; instead, start getting manicures and pedicures to keep your hands and feet in better condition. And yes, you can easily do manicures and pedicures at home; you don't even need to go to a salon to get them done. Well, that is a topic for a different post; we'll write another piece on how to perform manicures and pedicures at home.

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Glass Skin

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So what exactly is glass skin? Does having glass skin mean that one's skin becomes transparent? or what does "glass skin" actually mean? Furthermore, why are Koreans said to have "glass skin"? 

Well, from the past up till the present, we have seen that Koreans in particular have great skin and they give a lot of importance to skincare. A person is considered to have glass skin if they have skin that is evenly toned, smooth in texture, and glowing; think of how the glass looks when it is quite smooth in texture and all of that. To put it simply, glass skin refers to skin that is extremely flawless, and most of us desire to achieve it someday.

Glass skin refers to making your skin flawless from the inside out rather than only from the outside. It also refers to a healthy skin texture. Even Alicia Yoon, the founder of Peach & Lily and the forerunner of Korean beauty in America, stated that when skin is in its healthiest form, a person has glass skin. She added that retaining hydration and drinking water alone won't give you glass skin; instead, your skin needs to cover all bases in order to be perfect. 

We generally fix our interest in products that promise to deliver outcomes right away. Unbeknownst to us, however, is the fact that a single product cannot provide you with flawless skin; instead, a suitable skincare routine is essential. Moreover, it doesn't imply that you can get results by sticking to the skincare routine for only one day; rather, the regimen must be religiously followed on a daily basis in the right order as well. 

Hydration is an important factor in having glass skin, therefore a glass skin regimen should mainly include watery and hydrating products. Furthermore, the 10-step beauty regimen used in Korean beauty is well-known. As a result, you must use toner, sheet masks, eye creams, serums, and many more products. We'll follow up with you with another piece regarding the regimen to stick to in order to get glass skin. 

Thus, it is still necessary to lead a proper, healthy lifestyle in addition to following all of these regimens;  specific behaviors, such as maintaining a regular sleep schedule, eating nutritious food, exercising, or working out. As a matter of fact, we are all unique individuals with various skin kinds and textures, thus the path and duration would also vary, so don't be disappointed.

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Are Face Rollers And Gua Sha Effective?

Are Face Rollers And Gua Sha Effective?

To be completely honest, when I saw people rubbing some stone on their faces, I didn't even consider asking what it was. Later, though, when I paid closer attention to it, I got a faint concept that face rollers might be used for massage, but I was utterly clueless about gua sha. When I first saw it, I had no idea how to use the rock on my face. 

It will surprise the majority of you to learn that most of us truly fall into this category. We frequently ask ourselves why we need a piece of stone to do that we could just as easily do with our hands or visit the salon whenever we want. and a lot of other inquiries, such as Does both of these work? Can I still accomplish the desired outcomes if I am unable to invest a lot of time in them? How is it that a piece of stone can do wonders for your face?

Gua sha and jade face rollers are currently quite trendy. You'll notice that practically every influencer, beauty expert, and celebrity uses these as part of their beauty regimen. And as we see such, we get the need to follow. So let's find out how effective these are. 

  • Lymphatic Drainage
    They support healthy blood flow beneath our skin, enhancing lymphatic drainage. According to a reputed dermatologist named Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, gua sha is also referred to as "natural botox." It aids in preventing aging and other problems.
  • Tension Less
    Gua sha and jade rollers are used to treat strained muscles, and pressure is applied to certain places, such as the face, neck, and shoulders, to make you feel more at ease and less tense.
  • Sculpting Face
    Gua sha is extremely effective at sculpting your face, enhancing your cheekbones and jawline in particular.
  • Less Time
    These jade rollers and gua sha require no more than 15 minutes of your time, so you don't have to just sit around for hours to get glowing skin.

If you start looking into alternative tools that would be more effective than these two, you'll come across a tonne of options, but you won't find any that are inexpensive and simple to use. When you keep those things in mind, gua sha and jade rollers are highly effective. Just make sure to use them after you've applied oil to your skin to avoid any negative side effects, and you should be alright.

When it comes to discussion, we frequently assume that gua sha and jade rollers may act similarly, with the exception that jade rollers might be more user-friendly, Which is, in fact, true. Although gua sha is not particularly complicated, jade rollers are simple to use, therefore we find them to be very handy. Gua sha, however, is incredibly healing and effective along with the Jade roller. 


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Pedicure at home

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As much as people would prefer for a salon to handle their pedicures, you can still though get a fantastic experience at home too. But there are occasions when we do not have enough free time to go to a salon and sit there while getting our pedicure done. Some of us return home at night when all the salons are closed, or sometimes we may not just feel like going to the salon at all. And you notice that your feet are getting bad but you still don't have time to visit a salon, what should you do? Amazingly, you can perform a pedicure on yourself at home.

  1. STEP 1 ~ Remove your previous nail polish
    You must first remove any nail polish from your toes if there is any. To make it simpler to remove the nail polish, take some nail polish remover, put it on a cotton pad, and place it on your toes for a few seconds. This will cause your nail polish to start breaking and make it easier for you to remove the nail polish. 
  2. STEP 2 ~ Soaking your feet
    You need to dip both of your feet into a container or tub that can fit both of your feet. Make sure to use warm water in the tub; avoid using hot water, but make sure it's warm enough for you to comfortably immerse your feet in. put some bath salts and, if desired, essential oil there. This step is crucial because hard, calloused feet make it difficult to remove dead skin cells or calluses, therefore we need to soften them first. You can actually realize that you are calmer than usual after finishing this step, which is quite relaxing.
  3. STEP 3 ~ Scrubbing & Exfoliation
    Use a pumice stone and go crazy rubbing it all over your feet, paying specific attention to the area around your heels. So be careful and don't rub it too vigorously. Next, apply a scrubbing cream and scrub the area around your feet with your hands. Afterward, wash your feet, and use a soft towel to pat them dry.
  4. STEP 4 ~ Shape your nails
    Trim your toenails, then use a nail filer to shape them however you want.
  5. STEP 5 ~ Moisturize them
    Massage your feet with foot cream or moisturizer. By moisturizing your feet, you can keep them hydrated and increase blood circulation. You can use cuticle oil if you want. 
  6. STEP 6 ~ Apply Nail polish

    Apply a base layer to your nails before adding your favorite nail paint color.

However, we still feel that what we did might not be sufficient because we think that salons can carry out the pedicure more efficiently. Undoubtedly, they can do it well, but if you cannot visit the salon enough, you will have to make do with pedicures at home. It is better to buy the tools and take care of them because it isn't that difficult to do, rather than leaving your feet all alone and neglecting them because you believe you can't do it at home. Ladies, stop hiding your feet with socks. Instead, get a pedicure at home and wear any sandals you like.


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Winter Skincare

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It is time for Santa and parties, but sadly it is also time for flakey and dry skin. While it is the season for hot chocolate, people with naturally dry skin have it the worst, during winters, our entire environment and surroundings are just cold with a dry climate. Our skin is certain to feel itchy skin, breakage, lips, and body getting dry, white dry marks on the body, and whatnot. These people usually just literally bathe with moisturizers and oils. And you'll not find a lady without her moisturizer. The constant need to soothe your skin and just keep rubbing the lotions on your skin really tires out those people. So in order to just maintain your skin during winter you need to have a certain skincare regime; it might be a particular product or a routine of nurturing your skin. 

  • Moisturizer  
    Using the right moisturizer in the winter will prevent dryness, and itchiness, and make your body appear less worn out. Proper products don't necessarily have to be fancy; in fact, moisturizers with reasonable pricing can be just as effective.


  • Hydration  
    In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, keeping your body internally hydrated also does wonders for dry skin. Always relying on outer products must not always guarantee good results, but if you increase your nutrient intake and drink enough water, your skin will be properly hydrated and radiant as well. 


  • Exfoliation 
    Leaving your dead skin cells on your face and body would just worsen the situation altogether. so exfoliating not just your face but also your entire body before applying a moisturizer or lotion would work effectively. 


  • Sunscreen 
    We often falsely assume that sunscreen should only be used in the summer, but the key fact that we overlook is that skin becomes extremely vulnerable in the winter, and direct exposure to UV radiation would undoubtedly harm the skin. 
  • Face mask When things go bad, you need to take care of them. Therefore, you must regularly take a few simple precautions to prevent larger-scale difficulties in the future. In order to aid in the healing of your skin, apply a face mask at night, during the day, or whenever you have free time. An overnight mask typically works well because our skin goes through circadian rhythms at night, locking in all the moisture and serums. 


  • Comfortable winterwear 
    Winter calls for lots of clothing. Obviously, we wear sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and other clothing, but occasionally, the material of those items simply hurts our skin. As a result of the intense itching, we begin to scratch ourselves, which worsens the state of our skin. In order to protect our skin from harm, we should always wear jackets and sweaters made of soft material. 

    So ladies, commit to a new year's resolution: skincare is healthcare. A flawless skincare routine is the first step to having flawless skin. Don't allow your skin to mar the festive atmosphere. So, go exfoliate the negative vibes since healthy skin is always in.


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5 things that are triggering your acne

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The most pressing matter in the world for adolescents and adults is acne. People who have acne experience severe despair because whenever they look in the mirror, all they see are the spots that cover up their true beauty. In their desperation and haste to just get rid of the condition, acne sufferers simply start applying multiple chemical products to their faces, further damaging their skin. People start worrying about how to simply get rid of that rather than trying to figure out the cause of their acne condition.

In that case, if you're one of them, stop right now and ask yourself if you're leading a healthy lifestyle. And when I say "healthy," I don't necessarily mean purchasing high-end, imported products. And to be quite honest, there are many medications out there that would guarantee the treatment of acne. However, before we can find a solution to our problem, we must first understand the underlying cause of this condition. Therefore, before delving into the various causes of acne, we must first understand its foundational cause. We all know that we have hair on every part of our body, including our face, therefore when the hair follicles become clogged, acne develops.

  1. Stress
    A common myth is that stress contributes to acne, although it's untrue. However, if you already have acne, it can get worse if you feel stressed at that time. 
  1. Genetic 
    It is often believed that if your parents had acne, you could also. Where there are genes involved there is usually a possibility and uncertainty as well.
  2. No hygiene 
    Acne can also result from sleeping on dirty blankets, pillowcases, and sheets since those germs directly touch your face when you sleep on them.
  3. Oil-based skincare item 
    As we are all aware that oil and acne don't go hand in hand so where there is oil and your acne-prone skin then acne will pop up. So, someone who uses oil-based skin care products like moisturizers, oils, and other such things could develop acne.
  4. Poor diet 
    Well, if you consume foods high in carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, and other items in that category, you will likely get acne concerns. Fast food, added fats, and dairy items can all contribute to acne issues.
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home made face packs for winter


During the winter, skin care is quite essential. Our skin becomes very much prone to damage and it needs time to time care and nurturing. It is essential to take care of your skin, not just by moisturizing it, but also by allowing it to rest and ensuring it receives love and hydration. We don't need to apply anything fancy to our faces; a few simple face packs will do. We frequently need to pay more attention to the fact that homemade face packs are both very simple to create and just as effective as ones purchased from the market. The healing, brightening, toning, refreshing, moisturizing, and hydrating effects of using a face mask throughout the winter are the most important advantages. 

  • Coffee Face Pack

           Coffee + Honey + Milk 


  • Carrot Face Pack

            *Carrot Puree + Honey

            *Grated carrot 


  • Aloe vera Face Pack

   *Fresh aloe vera gel + Almond oil

   *Fresh Aloe vera gel + Honey + Sandalwood powder


  • Curd Face Pack

           Curd + Honey + Turmeric


  • Rice Face Pack

           Rice flour + Honey


  • Egg Face Pack

           Egg yolk + Honey + Dried milk powder 


  • Papaya Face Pack

           Ripe papaya + Raw milk


  • Coconut Face Pack

           Grind grated coconut with water


  • Strawberry Face Pack

            Strawberry + Rosewater


  • Avocado Face Pack

             *Ripe avocado + Olive oil 

             *Ripe avocado + Coconut oil + Curd + Honey


  • Multani mitti Face Pack

           Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) + Egg white + Honey + Curd


  • Orange Face Pack

             *Grind Orange peel to powder + Curd + Aloe vera gel 

             *Orange Juice


  • Wheat Bran (Choker) Face Pack

              *Wheat bran + Orange peel powder + Curd + Aloe vera gel

              *Wheat bran + Ground almonds + Honey + Curd + Rose Water 


  • Mayonnaise Face Pack



  • Honey Face Pack

             *Honey + Rosewater

             *Honey + Milk cream

             *Honey + Rice flour + Grounded oatmeal


  • Banana Face Pack

           Banana + Butter 


  • Olive oil Face Pack

           Olive oil + Cocoa Butter


  • Gram flour Face Pack

           Gram flour (Besan) + Turmeric + Raw milk


  • Oats Face Pack

           Grounded oats + Lemon juice + Yoghurt

Well, the homemade face packs mentioned above would work wonders. There are several choices available to you, so pick one that best matches your needs and what's on hand at your house. Your skincare regimen will always determine how healthy your skin is, and since healthy skin does not develop overnight, you must consistently take care of it. So show your skin some love.

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