Top widely media covered rape cases
  1. Delhi gang-rape case and also the Nirbhaya case:
    The brutal murder case of a physiotherapy intern was one of the widespread rape cases of India, which led to tears of each citizen of India. The Delhi gang-rape case of 2012 was one of the notorious cases. she was brutally raped by 6 men while she was traveling on a bus with her male friend, they raped her by inserting an iron rod in her vagina which later resulted in the death of her. The case received a greater number of public outrage, people gathered in the streets of Delhi to protest for her. They were all arrested later, out of six the minor accused was given a sentence of three years, one committed suicide while in police custody and the rest of them have been sentenced to death by hanging.
  2. Imrana Rape Case:
    This case of 2005 brings the limelight of another problem of separate religions law. Imrana was raped by her father in law in the state of Uttarpradesh. But the villagers treated this case in a wrong way, they mentioned this case as adultery. In order, she had to leave her husband and marry her father in law. With the help of media attention, she got justice and her father in law was sentenced to a term of 10 years of imprisonment.
  3. Scarlett Keeling Rape and Murder:
    Scarlett Keeling, 15 years old girl was atrociously raped and drowned in the sea and the murdered. She was a British tourist and visiting India with her family. Later, she stayed with her 25 years old boyfriend in goa. The media took the case in a different way than she was raped because of her bohemian lifestyle and blamed her mother for her carelessness. It showed India that most people still believe dressing in a bad way deserves getting raped.
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Digital India and its impact

Digital India has been launched to transform the country and make it a digitally empowered and knowledgeable country. This ensures to provide help online every government services would provide electronically.

The main pillars for digital India are broadband highways, E-governance, access to mobile phones, open internet services, delivery of services, information for all, jobs for people connecting people digitally will help a lot these pillars are essential now providing mobile services to everyone will help people out there to be connected from poor’s to middle class to rich the access to mobiles are important.

Internet services are important as over a while the use of the internet surely has hype and to be digitally strong the internet should be accessed by all. Government services digitally have helped a lot much police over a while have surely given a chance.

Key Projects of Digital India program:

  1. Digital Locker System which aims to minimize the usage of physical documents and enable sharing of e-documents across the offices. The sharing of the e-documents will be done through registered portals ensuring the authenticity of the documents online.
  2. has been implemented as a platform for citizen engagement in governance, through a “Discuss”, “Do” and “Disseminate” approach.
  3. Swachh Bharat Mission Mobile app would be used by people and Government organizations for achieving the goals of Swachh Bharat Mission.
  4. eSign framework would allow people to digitally sign their document online using Aadhaar authentication or any other mandatory authentication
  5. The Online Registration System under the eHospital application has been introduced. This provides services such as online registration, payment of fees and appointment, online diagnostic reports and much more.

    sectors such as education, healthcare, and banking which are unable to reach out to the people due to obstructions and limitations such as middleman, illiteracy, poverty, lack of information and many more. These have led to an imbalanced growth in the rural and urban areas with the marked difference in the economic sector. The use of mobile devices is highly useful as it will be a passage to public service delivery. The poor literacy rate in India is due to the unavailability of physical infrastructure in rural and remote areas. This is where m-Education services can play an important role by reaching remote masses. This will help to connect the masses and will surely help in further development.
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Body shaming

Hey see her isn’t she fat like a pig hey notice that isn’t that guy look like an ice cream stick seriously which guy is thin and which girl is fat every girl should have freaking 36 24 36 body type and a guy should be muscular with 6 packs and good biceps and triceps isn’t it what society has a fixed norms set for our body type. It is very common people taunting out other people on their body shape, size and maybe they too aren’t that body type too but people do think body-shaming is their birthright.

So exactly what happens is people who body shame taunt other nothing happens to them they won’t feel depressed about their body types but will make you feel uncomfortable in your own body you will be hating yourself stop wearing short dresses be uncomfortable around your surrounding and you will always feel negativity around yourself and for no reason your brain will be stuck to one thing if I wore these people are going to comment on my body type. The same goes for the boys to be too fat make them hippo and thin one going to end up suffering from one famous dialogue he is a Chiclet having chickens legs. Society here is to say whatever they want to say it is their opinion about you but always do remember the opinion that should strike your head is your own opinion. Be proud of what you have been given and you can slay in any form. Who said chubby girls are not hot maybe not that figure wise but they are the only ones having the cute chubby face everyone wishes for. People say

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Weird Rituals in India
  1. Hang Cow Trampling Ritual 

Cows are considered sacred among Hindus. Well, this is a festival celebrated at Bhiwdawad village, in Maharashtra. Govardhan Puja is celebrated by worshiping god cow. Where the worshipers lay down on the ground, letting the cows trample them over. This ritual is done after five days of fasting. The reason behind the festival is that their prayers will be answerable after performing the ritual.


2. Hanging by hooks – Garudan Thookam, Kerala

This festival is celebrated in Kerala for the Lord Vishnu and kali. Lord Vishnu by killing the demon darika quenched the thirst of goddess kali. This practice is being celebrated by hanging from a shaft, a hook is inserted from the flesh.


3.Plucking hair out by the hand – Kesh Lochan of Jain saints

This one of the painful practices followed by the Jain and Buddhist for Moksha, where they have to pluck their hair by hand. According to their beliefs, hair is considered to be an attachment and vanity. By pulling their hair from each strands of their head is a step towards of leaving every attachment and vanity with it.


  • Smashing coconuts on the head – Aadi Festival, Tamil Nadu

This weird festival is celebrated every year on 18th day of Tamil month of Aadi. the devotees gather together at Mahalakshmi temple, Mettu Mahadhanapuram, Karur District of Tamil Nadu. where they allow the priests to smash coconut on their head for good luck and health. The story behind this takes us back to the time of British raj when they made a pact to build a railway track across the temple and village. The villagers were against this. So the britishers made a deal that if they could break stones on their head, they will change the railway line. Hence, the villagers were successful and the temple was safe.

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