Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)
Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

We apologise for keeping you hanging like that. But we promise we shall spill the tea on Divita’s evening gown somewhere in this article.

Without wasting any time, let us dive right into the topic with the introduction of the brands associated with this year’s edition of Miss Universe.

We have already mentioned the crown and the sash before but just for the sake of this list, we shall include them in this article again. 

  1. Mouawad - The Force for Good Crown

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

2. The Sash Company - New Miss Universe Sash & Country Name Sashes

3. JoJo Bragais - Opening Number & Swimsuit Round Heels

Jojo Bragais has been their official heel partner for quite some time now. Initially partnering first during the 69th edition of the competition, the company has promised something big and different this time. The brand is known to name their designs on the names of Filipinas that have made the land of the Philippines proud at any pageant platform. During their debut as Miss Universe’s official heel sponsor, they brought in the design - Jehza - named after Miss Supranational Philippines 2018. This year from what we know, we might see a new design called “Maureen” named after none other than Maureen Montage - Miss Globe 2021 from the Philippines. The design might be new for the international fans but the truth is that the real pageant nerds have already seen the heel in action on the stage of Binibining Pilipinas 2022. Jojo revealed that even though he had used the heels for the said pageant, he did not released them for commercial use yet, because he somewhere had the idea that Miss

Universe might want to partner with him again for the 71st edition, after skipping him at the last edition. For your reference, here are the two designs that we have talked about so far - 

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

Ditching the classic platforms for both these designs, Bragais explains how the new design - Maureen is strategically designed to make one’s legs look longer, despite the lack of a platform. Also, with the eradication of a platform we can see that the height of the heel also gets reduced to around 3.5 to 4 inches, instead of the 6 inch stiletto that we are used to seeing.

This new design has already been seen on the Miss Universe contestants and shall be used for the opening number of the preliminary/finale at the Miss Universe competition. 

There is another unreleased, never seen before design too that has never been on any pageant platform before. This design, also named after another filipino queen, is expected to be seen at the swimsuit competition. What is yet to be revealed is if we will be seeing it only during the preliminary night or during the final night, or both. They are yet to reveal both the name and the design of this stiletto so it is upon us to keep the guesses coming in for the same.

In our opinion, it could be Queen Beatrice. The reason why we feel that is 

  • The LGBTQ Community - Miss Universe Philippines is an openly bisexual woman that represented the Philippines at Miss Universe 2021 pageant alongside Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu of India. With this year’s changes in mind, we feel that she might be the one chosen for the new design as she represents the LGBTQ community, an advocacy that the new owner Anne and the present leadership at MUO is working on right now.
  • We have seen Beatrice in Jojo’s ad campaigns but no new design has been named after her, despite the completion of her reign as Miss Universe Philippines. Bragais could have been saving her name for a moment like this as we have already seen a design named after her predecessor - Queen Rabiya.
  1. MUBA Cosmetics - Makeup

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

MUBA has been a common name at the Miss Universe competition now. They have been the official makeup partner for the competition for quite a few editions now. One of the most talked about aspects of MUBA at Miss Universe is the MUBA shoot. Every year, they choose a list of 4-5 women that become a part of the MUBA shoot.

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

2020’s MUBA photoshoot.

This shoot was said to be cursed as none of the girls that had ever been a part this shoot won the MU crown. However, in the last edition, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu of India broke this curse by becoming the first MUBA queen to ever win the Miss Universe competition. 

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

The names chosen for this year’s shoot are : 

  • Celeste Cortesi - Philippines
  • Ndavi Nokerii - South Africa
  • Alicia Faubel - Spain
  • Anna Sueangam-iam - Thailand
  • Evlin Khalifa

What will be interesting to see is if we see another Miss Universe winner emerging from this year’s MUBA batch, truly succeeding the reigning queen Harnaaz in every aspect. In our belief, these 5 are a very strong set of women and the chances of history getting repeated are quite high. I guess we will have to wait to find out.

  1. Liva Fashion - Swimsuit Round Cape

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

Introduced as one of the sponsors this year is Liva Fashion, the official sponsor of India’s national pageant - Miss Diva. Sponsoring the capes for this year’s swimsuit competition, Liva has become the part of one of the big changes at the platform of Miss Universe. This is a first time when we shall be witnessing the candidates wearing a cape that has been customised by them and their team to showcase their own creativity and individuality through their unique design. 

Pss Pss… We have some news. Miss Universe India’s cape design shall have the words “Divine Divita” written on them. We also have a small sneak peak of the cape’s designing process -

This is the official cape for Divita Rai of India. However, the final cape design is yet to be revealed by the organisation. This is also the first cape shown in the cape video of Miss Universe, making it the cover of the said reel.

  1. J and Co. - Swimsuit

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

Owned by a Miss World Queen - Jacqueline Aguilera - Miss World 1995, J and Co was a brand founded in 2006 and focuses on their clothing line. This year they are the official sponsor for Miss Universe’s Swimsuits that shall be used for both the preliminary and the finale of the competition. Being a Venezuelan, we can and do expect only the best. However, as per the new press details, this year’s swimsuits will not be focussed on seduction or sex appeal of the contestants. Instead, the contestants shall be judged based on their overall fitness and body health. This is done to encourage better health and fitness goals amongst the viewers of the competition, ditching the entertainment factor of the competition and pushing it to the sideline to bring what is important to the forefront.

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

Miss Guatemala checking the designs and colours of the swimsuit for this year’s competition.

  1. Portia and Scarlett - Opening Cocktail dresses


This year’s cocktail dress partner is Portia and Scarlett and we are seeing brand new designs for this year’s edition of the Miss Universe.

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

The colours are amazing and lively. The fans love the design but there is a general idea circulating that the dresses look better in motion than in pictures and photoshoots. Miss India has chosen a Dark Pink - Magenta colour mini dress for herself. 

She looks stunning here, now doesn’t she?

Speaking of Divita, here’s the tea surrounding her evening gown for Miss Universe. Insider info suggests that we might see queen India, for the first time ever in the history of Miss Universe, wearing a two piece gown on the stage of Miss Universe. There is also news going around that the gown can be of white colour. We can expect two different gowns this year, one for the preliminary competition and one for the finale night. The preliminary gown is expected to be white while the final gown will be silver. The gown designer for Divita Rai this pageant season is none other than Falguni and Shane Peacock. We are yet to find out which of the two gowns is a two piece though. 

  1. Olivia Quido - Skincare

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

This Filipino brand owned by filipina goddess - Olivia Quido is the official skincare partner for the last couple of Miss Universe editions and has dedicated more than two decades to making people feel beautiful through her skincare line. This is another one of the women owned companies that the Miss Universe Organisation has partnered with for this year’s competition. Olivia travelled around the globe attending events and supporting the contestants in achieving their winning glow.

Continuing this list of sponsors, we shall be back with part 3 of this series.

Miss Universe 2022 Updates (Part 2)

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