Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)
Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

The pandemic hit the entire world and left us all shook, nothing was left the same, not even the world of pageantry. We saw every big pageant coming to a halt, as the fear of covid19 prevailed in the land of pageants all across the globe. But one pageant that seemed to have continued its annual celebration year after year, even when the world was struck by a deadly global pandemic, was of course, the Miss Earth pageant. The organisers of Miss Earth opted for the new normal approach for their pageant for the 2020 and the 2021 editions when the pageant went virtual. All rounds, including the swimsuit, national costume and the evening gown rounds were pre-recorded and all the interviews and speech rounds were held over zoom calls. This digitalization of the pageant world gave us two of the most iconic and inspirational queens - Miss Earth 2020 - Lindsey Marie Coffey and Miss Earth 2021 - Destiny Wagner. While the fans were thankful for the Miss Earth Organisation for still organising the competition for us when everyone else had opted out of it, we sure were dying to see the pageant go back to its normal functioning soon. This year, they decided to finally host the pageant on grounds, in the land of Miss Earth - The beautiful country of the Philippines.

After 2 years, we saw the pageant go back offline and fans were super thrilled to finally see their queens on stage. Like every year, the pre pageant activities were uploaded on Miss Earth’s official youtube channel for the fans to watch and enjoy.This started by first introducing us to the wonderful contestants of the competition from all across the world and was followed by the 6 pre pageant competitions, namely ;

  1. Fauna Outfit - Fans witnessed this competition at the platform of Miss Earth for the very first time when the delegates from all over the nations dressed up as an animal, whichever they desired to represent, and displayed their creativity through their outfit of choice. Some of the best presentations in this segment of the competition according to the fans are shown below.
  • Miss Thailand

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

  • Miss Venezuela

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

  • Miss Colombia

Miss Earth announced one winner from each continent for this competition. Miss Nigeria from Africa, Miss Philippines from Asia and Oceania, Miss USA from the Americas and Miss Belarus from Europe ended up winning the competition.

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

2. Intelligence Preliminary - Speech and intelligence rounds play a very vital role in any pageant and Miss Earth is no different. Each delegate had a time span in which they were given topics and questions to speak on to show off their speaking and intelligence. There were many standouts for this round, however no winners were announced for this segment. 

3. National Costume - Every pageant has this one most culturally rich round, where delegates get the opportunity to showcase something unique about their country, either culture, national animal, flower or just anything that represents their country, through their costume and its presentation. Some of the most loved costumes for this edition were ;

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

image source

  • Miss Indonesia

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

image source

  • Miss Philippines

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

  • Miss Canada

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

Miss Earth again announced one winner from each continent for this portion of the competition too and the winners are - Miss Nigeria from Africa, Miss Mexico from the Americas, Miss Indonesia from Asia and Oceania, and Miss Belarus from Europe.

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

Miss Earth 2022 - Overview (Part 1)

  1. Beauty Of Face - Where each delegate has to present herself with little to no makeup and is judged on the basis of their natural beauty.
  2. Fitness and Form - Women are judged based on their physical fitness and body. 
  3. Eco Video - Delegates present themselves and their advocacy through a video in front of the judges and are scored based on this video. There were innumerable standouts for this round too but the winners were announced following the continental division and they were - Miss Namibia from Africa, Miss Colombia from the Americas, Miss Nepal from Asia and Miss Ireland from Europe.

All these six pre pageant rounds were held virtually through video submissions made by the delegates and their national organisations in advance.

After arriving at the Miss Earth 2022 host country - the Philippines, the contestants had a press day on 14th November in Manila, Philippines. Four winners emerged as the winner for the title of Miss Darling Of The Press, one from each continental division. Miss Nigeria won this title for the Africas, Miss Colombia for the Americas, Miss Australia took it from Asia and Oceania while Miss Netherlands bagged the title for Europe.

Post these rounds, we head over to the Swimsuit round of the competition where every contestant has to present a swimsuit walk in front of the judges. Miss Earth has this top 3 medal system for this round of the competition where 3 delegates, from each continent are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for their extraordinary performance. This year, the winners from Africas were as follows - 



🥉Democratic Republic Of Congo 

The ones that won from the Americas - 




The Winners from Asia were - 

🥇South Korea



The European Winners - 





After these segments, the continental announcement of winners was stopped. Instead, the winners were announced based on their Elemental divisions. There are a total of 4 elemental divisions, namely, the air, eco, fire and water divisions. Let us first tell you which countries made which elemental area.


Argentina, Austria, Belize, Burundi, England, Estonia, Iran, Laos, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Venezuela, Zambia

We can see that many of the most well performing contestants are present in this section like the Philippines, and Venezuela. This section also has many powerhouse countries like the Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Venezuela.

ECO - 

Belarus, Bolivia, Chile, Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Haiti, India, Iraq, Kosovo, Mexico, Mongolia. Montenegro, Namibia, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Senegal, Thailand, Uganda

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